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Stores, handles, transports, prepares and uses explosives

Builds and repairs walls, floors, fireplaces, walkways with bricks, blocks, and stones

Builds custom or production-type wooden (or wood substitute) fixtures and furniture

Works with wood or wood substitutes in the construction of buildings

Concrete Finisher*
Places, finishes, cuts, and repairs concrete

Construction Craft Worker

Sets up/dismantles forms, site preparation, clean-up and excavation

Construction Electrician*
Installs, alters, repairs, and maintains electrical systems in buildings and houses

Floorcovering Installer*
Installs many types of resilient or carpet floor coverings

Prepares, installs, and replaces glass

Heavy Equipment Operator*

Use a variety of mobile machines to dig trenches, haul, load or dump heavy materials, clear
and level land, and break rock or concrete.

Insulator (Heat and Frost)*
Installs insulating materials in commercial and industrial structures; removes asbestos

Ironworker (3)*

Fabricates, erects, hoists, installs and repairs structural ironwork and other materials used in the construction of buildings

Landscape Horticulturist*

Prepares, lays out and completes a landscape installation plan

Lather (Interior Systems Mechanic)*

Installs ceiling, crywall partitions, sound-proofing, and vapour barriers in buildings

Mobile Crane Operator (2)*

Uses mobile cranes to lift, move, and place heavy objects, repairs, maintian and moves cranes

Painter and Decorator*
Applies paint, varnish, stain, wallpaper, and wallcoverings to interior and exterior surfaces

Installs and repairs piping and other equipment used to move, store, or dispose of water, gas, and sewage

Restoration Stone Mason
Constructs and reconstructs structures using stone, restores stone, and identifies types and properties of stone

Installs and repairs single- or multi-ply roofing systems, shingles, and pre-formed rigid sheeting

Covers, repairs and decorates surfaces using ceramic, marble and other materials

Tower Crane Operator*

Operates mechanical devices/structures that incorporate a power-driven drum with a cable or rope and a vertical mast or tower and stationary or luffing boom

Joins, cuts, or shapes metal using electric arc, oxyacetylene flame, or other processes

*Trade in the Interprovincial Standards "Red Seal" Program: tradespersons who successfully write the Interprovincial Standards Examination for their trade obtain a Red Seal endorsement on their Certificate of Qualification.

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