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Apprenticeship Training and Skill Development

Exploring a Career in the Skilled Trades

Skills Canada-Nova Scotia

Get information on the provincial and national skills competitions.

Canadian Apprenticeship Forum

Check out all of the opportunities in the designated skilled trades.

Skilled Trades

Information about skilled trades for youth, educators, parents, employers and

British Columbia Industry Training Authority

Choose a trade and watch the video.

Educators Guide to Apprenticeship (PDF)

A resource to help you and your students learn about apprenticeship and the benefits of a career in the skilled trades.

Career Planning

Career Options

This website features careers in Nova Scotia.   It lists the qualifications and the salaries that you can expect with each job and what the job market looks like in Nova Scotia.

Career Guide
This guide is for students in grade nine through high school. It outlines the many resources available to students who are beginning to investigate their career paths. Download PDF

Job Futures

Canada's career and education planning tool - learn about hundreds of occupations.


Visit the Career Video Library, which provides over 100 short videos profiling a wide variety of career options.


This website highlights career profiles by providing examples of individuals in a wide range of jobs.

Career Development E-Manual

If you want to 'wow' employers, this is the website for you. The e-manual has self-assessment tools, demonstrates how to document your skills and talks about life/work planning.

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