It's a chance to guide your students and clients. We know that teachers and guidance counsellors play a large role in encouraging both students and parents of students to explore all the career options that are available, and there are many new ways to think about the skilled trades especially since they are experiencing a shortage in people ready to enter the trades.

Times have changed... really changed - especially in the skilled trades. Careers in the designated skilled trades are now highly technical, competitive and in-demand. It can often be a challenge to find a skilled tradespeople available on short notice; certified journeypersons are in very high demand. This demand will only increase, which means job stability and mobility for your students or clients who are looking for career directions.  If they explore the trades through Workit funded programs, students can make choices based on knowledge and experience of a skilled trade as well as other career and training paths.

In order to start and build a successful career as a certified journeyperson, youth need to be able to access career information, have exploration experiences in the designated skilled trades, and receive assistance navigating the apprenticeship system.

Apprenticeship is the method of learning a designated trade. It involves practical, paid training and theoretical education, which is offered online or in the classroom. Apprentices gain credit both for hours and skills learned on the job and attend technical training courses for part of the year.  They follow the training plan as they go through the various levels (most trades have 4 levels) and gain the skills needed for the final certification test. 

Youth apprentices between the ages of 16 to 19 can start their career and gaining hours by working with a certified journeyperson.  They can work part time or full time.  Participation in co-operative education work terms may also lead to hours being counted once they register as a youth apprentice.  Early entry into the apprenticeship system as a youth apprentice has financial and career benefits for the students.  Your students and clients can begin their careers while still in high school or under the age of 20. With the increasing demand for skilled labour, especially in Nova Scotia, NOW is the time to seriously consider one of the 61 designated skilled trades for your student or client.

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