It's an opportunity to train your own future.

As a business owner or manager, you cannot afford to not train your employees: there's a need for skilled tradespeople in many industries in Nova Scotia. Filling this void with qualified, well-trained individuals will not only help the economy but could help your business as well.

Canada has an aging population. There are less youth available to enter into the labour market. Finding skilled tradespeople to work in your company will become increasingly more difficult. Added to this challenge is attracting youth who are genuinely interested and committed to learning about your industry.

This is why Workit is underway, allowing you to directly invest in youth apprentices. Hiring a a youth apprentice or participating in a youth trade exploration program can help you gain employees who will grow with you. 

Through Workit, you have the opportunity to increase your competitive advantage and address future and current skills shortages. Young, enthusiastic and talented individuals in your community are willing and able to become journeypeople in the skilled trades. And Workit can help you find them.

Download the Workit brochure for employers