Youth Apprenticeship is a method of introducing youth to a trade, providing them with hands-on learning opportunities and helping them get a head start in a prosperous career.  If you have hosted a youth who is exploring a designated skilled trade, you will have had a chance to assess their foundational skills in the trade and their level of commitment and interest.

By opening your doors to a youth apprentice, you will have access to an employee just beginning his/her career. As an employer, you are able to train them to your specific business requirements and increase your opportunities to retain valuable employees.

By having youth apprentices on staff, opportunities are created for your current employees to develop their mentoring skills and pass on corporate knowledge to newer generations of employees.

Your business will also be highlighted as a 'champion' employer through the Workit initiative.

Want to know what apprentices are looking for in an employer?  Check out the highlights from a recent Canadian Apprenticehsip Forum (CAF) research study.