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Alarm and Security Technician

Installs/repairs intrusion alarm, closed circuit video and access control systems

Appliance Service Technician*
Repairs and services household appliances

Builds, tests, and repairs air-tight and liquid-tight containers such as boilers and storage tanks

Communications Technician

Installs, repairs, upgardes and maintains communication cables

Electric Motor System Technician*
Repairs and rebuilds electric motors, generators, transformers, controls, and equipment

Gas Fitter
Installs piping, appliances, equipment, and controls for the use of natural gas or propane as a fuel

Industrial Electrician*
Installs, repairs, and maintains electrical wiring and electrical equipment for industrial uses

Instrumentation and Control Technician *
Repairs, maintains, and installs industrial measuring and controlling devices

Industrial Mechanic (Millwright)*
Installs and maintains machinery and equipment in factories and production plants

Installs and repairs mechanical locks

Operates metal-cutting and shaping machinery

Marine Fitter*
Makes and repairs structural metal parts for ships; cuts and shapes metal for shipbuilding

Metal Fabricator (Fitter)*
Makes and repairs metal parts used in the construction of bridges, buildings, and boilers

Mine Electrician
Installs, repairs, and maintains electrical equipment and systems used in mining

Mine Mechanic
Repairs, maintains, and, if needed, assembles equipment and machinery used in mining

Oil Heat System Technician*
Installs, repairs, and services oil burning and oil combination burning equipment and appliances

Power Engineer
Maintains equipment, boilers and generators that provide heat, ventilation and powers for buildings

Powerline Technician*
Builds and maintains overhead and underground electrical systems, powerlines, poles, and street lights

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic*
Installs and services refrigerating and air conditioning systems

Rig Technician*

Operates the drawworks, rotary equipment and pumps, inspects rigs, maintains records of drilling operations and oversees rig mobilization and demobilization

Sheet Metal Worker*
Designs, makes, installs, and repairs sheet metal products and parts; interprets blueprints and sketches

Sprinkler System Installer*
Installs and maintains permanent fire extinguishing systems

Steamfitter - Pipefitter*
Installs piping, equipment, and controls for hot water, steam, process, and chemical piping

Tool and Die Maker*
Makes, repairs, and modifies custom-made prototype, or special tools, dies, and fixture

*Trade in the Interprovincial Standards "Red Seal" Program: tradespersons who successfully write the Interprovincial Standards Examination for their trade obtain a Red Seal endorsement on their Certificate of Qualification.

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