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Building Futures for Youth
Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Apprenticeship Training has partnered with the Construction Association of Nova Scotia    (CANS), Halifax Regional School Board, Department of Education, NSCC and industry employers in the development of a unique pilot program designed to provide youth with opportunities to explore careers in the construction and road-building industries. In the first year of the pilot, seven grade 11 Co-Op students from the Halifax Regional School Board will be provided with real work experiences in the contruction and road-building industries. 

Students enrolled in the program are registered as construction trade pre-apprentices and undergo two weeks of safety training provided by NSCC.  They are matched with an employer in a variety of the construction trades, where they will complete a seven week summer placement while working under the supervision of a trained mentor. These placements are paid work experiences and students will have the opportunity to apply and register as youth apprentices in many of the trades. Students who complete the program will be eligible to receive three (3) Co-Op credits and those who register as youth apprentices will receive up to 300 hours of apprenticeship credit.

With the sucess of the pilot, the intent is to expand to other School Boards across the province over the next two years. For those wanting to learn more about this exciting opportunity or find out if it's being offered in your community, contact the Youth Apprenticeship Coordinator at the Department of Labour and Workforce Development or the HR Development Coordinator at the Construction Association of Nova Scotia.

Also learn more about the program from past participants by watching the following video.

Building Futures for Youth