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The Business of Mentoring
Monday, June 12, 2006

Mentoring involves an employer offering advice and guidance based on his/her personal experience. Mentoring can be a formal system where the mentor (employer) and mentee (youth) meet on a regular basis to discuss career development or mentoring can be a more informal process that involves casual conversations on the subject. Mentoring can occur on the job while hosting a co-op student, during a job shadow, or throughout any of the opportunities that exist for youth and employers to connect.

Employers’ Guide
Mentoring can benefit employers in many ways including: the creation of a strong pool of knowledgeable, potential employees, an increase in the business’ profile as a good corporate citizen, and as a way to increase staff morale by bringing in fresh eyes that value the work. There are easy steps to mentoring; the Department of Education’s Employers’ Guide can assist you with the process.

Employer Database
The Department of Education is preparing an Employer database that includes information on employers throughout Nova Scotia. The database is a tool to connect youth in schools with employers for community-based learning opportunities. There are various community-based learning options including short-term opportunities such as job shadowing or speaking with students in a classroom and longer-term opportunities such as cooperative education or Options and Opportunities (O2) work placements or youth apprenticeships. To find out more about the Invest in Youth Database or to register on the database, please keep your eyes out for the Invest in Youth website that will soon be up and running.