How can your son or daughter find an employer in the designated skilled trades?

To find an employer in the designated skilled trades, they can try the same methods as finding an employer in any occupation. Here are some helpful suggestions:

• Encourage your child to start preparing resumes and cover letters that specifically address the needs of the employers in the skilled trades.  See the following link: resume and cover letter guide

• Encourage your child to check out the CANS Youth Apprenticeship Program.  This program matches interested youth with employers in the construction and road-building industries.  Participants receive workplace safety training, paid summer work placements and three Co-Op credits upon completion.  Many participants will also be eligible to become youth apprentices and start training towards a career in the trades. To find out if this program is being offered at your child's school, contact the Youth Apprenticeship Coordinator or the HR Development Coordinator at the Construction Association of Nova Scotia

• Ask friends and family if they can identify someone looking to hire people in the trade that they are interested in. Have them tell the employer they have a keen interest in learning and working in a specific designated skilled trade, and keep copies of  resumes on hand to pass out.

• Go to a local Career Resource Centre, school co-operative education teacher or school guidance counselor. If they are unsure of where to find the Career Resource Centre, look in the Yellow Pages under 'careers' and 'employment'. If they are not attending school, ask about work placement programs in the designated skilled trades. Work placement programs provide great opportunities for them to make connections with potential employers and demonstrate their skills.

• Visit a local Human Resource and Skill Development Centre and/or visit the website at Information can also be found in the Government Blue Pages under 'employment'.

• Approach employers at local and/or school career fairs and ask if they are hiring. Tell them to be specific about the kind of opportunity they are looking for and why they are interested in a particular trade.

• Enroll in a cooperative education course at their school and co-op teachers will organize a volunteer placement. This is a great opportunity to develop a relationship with an employer who might be willing to hire them as a youth apprentice.

• Check out the Internet.  Here are a few web sites they can visit:

Service Canada's Labour Market Information site will help them identify employers in their community.

Career Beacon

Nova Scotia Job Shop

National Job Bank

Jobs Press


Contact the Sector Councils who work with employers in their preferred trade.

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