Sector Councils are associations that work directly with employers in different industries. These councils are valuable resources which provide information, training and services to those interested, or already employed in a specific skilled trade. If you cannot find a Sector Council associated with a certain designated skilled trade, call the Youth Apprenticeship Coordinator for some guidance.

Contact the relevant Sector Council from the list below for guidance towards:
• opportunities in an industry
• contact information for specific employers
• labour market information (information and statistics on the economy, industries and occupations)
• workplace exploration opportunities

Nova Scotia Sector Council Information
Atlantic Home Building and Renovation Sector Council

Health Care Human Resource Sector Council

Nova Scotia Automotive Industry Human Resource Sector Council

Nova Scotia Boatbuilders Association

Nova Scotia Construction Sector Council- Industrial, Commercial, Institutional

Nova Scotia Fisheries Sector Council

Nova Scotia Forestry Human Resource Sector Council

Tourism Industry Association of Nova Scotia Human Resources Sector Council

Trucking Human Resource Sector Council

Other Sector and Industry Information
The Aerospace and Defence Human Resources Partnership (HRP)

Aerospace and Defence Industry Association of NS

Construction Association of Nova Scotia

Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters

Construction Sector Council (CSC)

Information and Communications Technology Council

Nova Scotia Department of Energy


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