It's a promising career path for your child to consider.

Your child has several choices for post-secondary education, including:

(1) University,
(2) Public or private college and
(3) Apprenticeship in a skilled trade.

The skilled trades have changed drastically over the last number of years.  Technology, continuing industry changes and increased awareness of health and safety concerns have made training a crucial part of work in the skilled trades.  As a result, a combination of college and apprenticeship is often needed to become a certified tradesperson. Apprenticeship is an effective way to work while continuing through a training process that leads to certification.

Labour market forecasts in Nova Scotia demonstrate a surprising trend: over the next twenty years, more than 40% of new jobs will be in the skilled trades and technologies. For your child, this presents an incredible opportunity. Right now, he/she has the chance to capitalize on labour trends as they emerge -- providing a real headstart towards a successful, long-term career. In our province, a career in the designated skilled trades is both competitive and in-demand.

What's more, the jobs previously considered as only "hands-on work" are now highly technical and driven by computers. Journeypeople must be technologically savvy in order to be successful in their career.

When considering post-secondary options for your child, think about an apprenticeship. Apprenticeship involves paid training with an employer in a specific designated skilled trade plus theoretical education offered online or in the classroom. Apprenticeship not only provides a great training opportunity for your son or daughter, it also costs significantly less than any other post-secondary option and means that your child is already employed in his or her field of work.

With the increasing demand for skilled labour, especially in Nova Scotia, now is the time to consider one of the 61 designated skilled trades for your child. As a parent, you play an essential role in guiding your child towards certain career choices. Explore this site and see if the pursuit of a skilled trade is a smart move for your child.

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