Statistics in Canada indicate that 71% of parents want their children to go to university, but only 48% of the children actually make it into colleges or universities. What is happening to youth who are not going to university?

Here are a few critical statistics:

• By 2020, Canada will be facing a labour shortage of nearly 1 million workers. (Statistics Canada)

• In the next two decades, 40% of new jobs will be in the skilled trades and technologies. (www.skillscanada.com)

• Industry experts believe that in order to sustain current levels of employment, 3000 to 4000 new tradespeople will be needed in this province alone. (www.buildingfutures.ca)

Not only is apprenticeship a cost-saving post-secondary option for your child, but there are many jobs available - especially here in Nova Scotia. Currently, many youth are not actively pursuing careers that would allow them to earn a competitive salary and remain in their home communities. Youth who make connections with employers in their communities while still in high school, improve their chances of staying in the local labour force upon graduation. Youth apprenticeship is an ideal way to make those connections. Youth apprentices in a designated trade and gain practical hours toward their apprenticeship as they learn on the job. This allows a youth to go to school, start his/her work training and earn some money.

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