Are you interested in pursuing one of the skilled trades? Do you want to discover if youth apprenticeship is right for you?

If so, then it's time to speak to a parent or teacher. They play an important role in your decisions - and may even help make some valuable connections for you. For example, they may know a respected business owner who is looking for apprentices, which could help you get "in the door." They may even be able to offer you specific advice, or guide you towards a certain trade. Or perhaps one of your parents is a skilled tradesperson, in which case he or she will likely be well aware of today's demand for skilled tradespeople.

Either way, talk to your parents and teachers and ask for their encouragement. Also, ask them to review some of the material on this and other sites, including important labour market information. After all, everyone can benefit from doing a little homework - especially when a fulfilling, stable and profitable career is at stake.