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Laura, An Apprentice at Work

In this clip, Laura is featured as a third year Automotive Service Technician apprentice. She left high school at a young age and later completed an adult high school program. After graduating with her high school diploma, she went to the Nova Scotia Community College and completed a certificate in Motor Vehicle Repair.

When she was making a decision about her future, Laura filled out interest questionnaires which indicated that she should pursue a career in the skilled trades. This made sense to her when she reflected on how she had always worked with cars during her teenage years with friends and family. She identified that she had practical, hands-on experience with cars and good problem-solving skills.

Laura speaks about her experience in her trade as an apprentice and reflects on how being a youth apprentice might have helped her make a decision about her career more quickly. She often speaks to youth about opportunities in the automotive trade and her own career pathway. In addition to her work as an apprentice, Laura runs basic automotive-orientation courses for women. Her future plans include owning her own automotive shop.