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Youth Apprentice Receives Award

June 30, 2008

Nick Dormiedy would never have imagined what was ahead for him when he became a high school student at Oxford Regional High.  After hearing about youth apprenticeship from his teacher, Nick thought it would be a great way to get a head start on a career in the trades.  Not only has Nick taken advantage of the youth apprenticeship program, he is also registered in the Options and Opportunities (O2) program at his school and has recently been awarded the Lieutenant Governor’s Education Medal.

The Lieutenant Governor’s award is presented to one male and one female    Grade 11 student who have commendable performance in their courses and who demonstrate qualities of leadership and service in the school community.  Nick certainly exemplifies these qualities as an outgoing, active participant at his school.  He is a great ambassador for the O2 program, where he recently represented his school at the O2 Showcase in Halifax. He’s also busy within his community where he works part-time close to his home and also trains toward his certification as a tradesperson.

Nick chose a career in the trades because of the high demand for skilled workers and the fact that he enjoys working with his hands.  “It makes me feel good when I’m finished”, says Nick.  “It’s the feeling I get after I do all the work.  It’s worth it.  I accomplished something I did myself”.  As a youth apprentice, Nick works as an employee at Bragg Lumber Company Ltd. under the supervision of his father, a certified, Red Seal, automotive service technician.  Nick earns hours towards his apprenticeship program while still in high school and also gets paid to learn the skills of the trade.  As Nick puts it, “I’d much rather be out working and making money, while still going to school”.

Students all across Nova Scotia between the ages of 16-19 are eligible to become a youth apprentice once they are employed in a designated trade.  As a youth apprentice, they work part-time in the evenings, weekends or summer months, under the direction of a certified journeyperson, and are able to gain valuable hands-on experience and skills in a trade; all while being paid!

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